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Here at Rae Fin Jewellery you will find handmade silver artisan jewellery that is functional, affordable, high quality and unique!


From my cosy studio in North Yorkshire, I create lots of small silver ear studs and earrings which you can wear frequently but look special and often have an element of difference about them. Matching pendants, bangles, rings and bracelets also feature in my jewellery collections.


To add an extra dimension and colour to some jewellery,  I use Whitby jet and gemstones with an air of mystery like moonstone, greenstone and rich coloured garnets and turquoise.




I have been taking inspiration from historical buildings and features in and around Ripon in North Yorkshire.

Please see my facebook page for more up to date information to discover my new jewellery pieces!










Contact me on info@raefinjewellery.co.uk or via the contact page if you have any questions.


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Rae Fin Jewellery

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